About Us

Elliott Brothers Clothing Company (EBCC) is an Australian fashion label producing artisan T-Shirts using ethical fair trade and sustainable materials and manufacturing. 

We believe clothing can and should leave a minimal environmental footprint, so we make our clothes using 100% biodegradable organic cotton grown without pesticides and synthetic chemicals. We also use recycled and re-purposed fabrics and materials to create new products that breathe new life into the old. 

We design and print all our shirts in Australia, using eco friendly, water based inks with traditional screen printing techniques. Our shirts are made to last and be worn many times so you get value for money and reduce waste.

Our clothing is made with a non-dominant seam join for a flat seam look and feel. EBCC designs explore pop culture and social commentary with a playful twist. Casual street wear with artistic flare, that makes a statement without taking itself too seriously. 

 "We don’t make fast fashion, we make quality artisan clothing using sustainable materials and ethical fair trade suppliers. Look good, feel good, with care.”

Ron & Vincent Elliott - Founders of EBCC